Dr Domenici is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Carlisle, PA. She graduated with a PhD in clinical psychology from Miami University in 2007 and opened her practice at Simply Well in 2012. She offers individual counseling for adults ages 18 and up.

Do you have symptoms that "come out of the blue," or "make no sense?" Do you have trouble understanding why you feel the way you do? Dr Domenici specializes in helping people make sense of experiences that are painful, confusing, or "illogical." She starts with the assumption that all feelings are messages to you, from you, about you. Together, you will work to understand these messages, using them to guide the process of change. 

Dr Domenici specializes in the treatment of chronic and/or recurrent depression. If you have been feeling depressed for many years, or have episodes of depression that lift and then return again, Dr Domenici can help. She uses an interpersonal approach to therapy that targets problems in relationships (both past and present) that influence how you feel about yourself and others now.